Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Automated System latest 3 Month Top Performance

One of the best part about Z-Code is its large variety of systems you can follow and at the same time, be able to see exactly how are they performing on a 3 months basis. Basically, you can see on a chart how much money each system has made in the previous 3 months in this information could help sway you toward the system to essentially follow.

Below is the latest up to date top performing Automated Sports pick system for January 2015.

As you can see on the picture/chart above, the best performing system is currently the Marcel System: NBA Underdog Trend. Its profit total for the past 3 month was $22,981. That means if you had been following and taking this system's picks, you would had made $22,981. This system grand total is currently standing at $113879.

Number 2 on the chart above is the "Esport System: Euro Hockey and AHL Fav Trend." While this system made less than Marcel's NBA Underdog, it still managed a healthy $16,754 over just 3 months period. More than good enough if you ask me. Its grand total stands at $20168.

The picture below is the remaining top 10 systems and they're all in profit so choose wisely.

Below is the complete full portfolio for every single automated sports betting system on Z-Code.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Making Money By Handicapping Sports

In a World where many are constantly searching for the easiest way to make a fortune online, Sports handicapping has emerged to be a variable option while not having to leave the comfort of your home.

Not too many people would mention Sports handicapping if you were to ask them for their honest recommendation on different ways to make a fortune in this World.
In fact, many would not have any knowledge of what you're talking about if you were to bring up such a subject, but in reality, it has become very clear that one could successfully handicap sports and make a good living at it, specially with the ever growing expansion of the Internet Worldwide.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Playoff Match-up Predictions: Broncos VS Seahawks?

In case you haven't noticed, We were perfect in the NFL play-off first round, going 2-0 against the spread and registering a  4-0 record on the money line. With that in mind, our bracket really doesn't require any updating. That said, the NFL playoff is a big sports event in our calendar and I believe it demands more attention with a new post.. So,  for the next round, expect same predictions, but with a bit more analysis on the games that remain. Looking at the charts, I don't really see any potential upsets like we had in the first round. 
2015 NFL Playoffs Prediction: Divisional Round