Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best Soccer/Football Handicapping System 2017

Soccer Betting System

Once you join ZCode, just head to the "Hot Trend" tab and click on "Top Automated System" to get the ranking table of the best sports system. Than simply select "Soccer" to see the top soccer betting system.

Edis Soccer System has the top rated soccer betting system which is "Soccer 10u EasyMoney." This system has an R.O.I of 17.90% and a 3 month profit of $16,810. The trust % of this system is at 67.50% which is good.

To get access to this specific system betting system, just click on "Edis Soccer System" which should re-direct you to the main page, than simply click on where it states "Click to Choose Which Trends You Follow" and deselect all option. Once that is done, searcg for "Soccer10u EasyMoney" and select it so you can follow the system betting signal.

Below is how the system has performed over the past 4 years

Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 NBA Sports Handicapping Betting System


The best rated NBA system on  Zcode's Handicapping table is "WilRod's NBA System" by William System. Over the last 3 months, this system has made a profit of $21,463.50. The Return On Investment percentage was on 40.20%.

By Clicking on "William System" you should be re-directed to the system page where all its signals will be posted before the NBA games. Make sure to check on the page 2-3 hours before the game starts so that you could take the pick and place it.