Sunday, April 26, 2015

Most Profitable Sports Service On The Internet

If you're still looking for the best sports pick service that could earn you constant profit every month, I'm glad to introduce you to Z-Code. The image below speaks for itself.

As soon as you join, hover your mouse on "Hot Trend" menu at the top of the page and click on "Top Automated System."

Once there, you will be presented with the most profitable sports betting systems on NBA, NHL, NFL, Soccer. 

As you can see on image below, each sports pick system are tracked based on how much money they were able to generate during the previous 3 months and their total profit during their life-time since going on-line. 

As of April 27th 2015, the #1 rated sports betting system is "Soccer Underdog Trend."

 I would also state that this system is currently at the top of the chart simply because it demands a larger betting size per unit which is $500. That means a larger profit because of the bets's larger size.

 If you're just getting started in sports betting, $500 per unit may be to large, but the good thing is you can still follow this system picks with much smaller betting size.

Nothing stops you from betting $10 for each game instead of the required $500. There's even an option on each system page which ask you to set up your unit size per bet based on how big your bankroll will be.

So if you indeed decide to take this system's generated sports pick with much smaller betting size, you should of course NOT expect to make the amount of money that is posted on the chart above since these numbers are based on betting $500 per unit. You will STILL make a profit but much smaller which would be fine with the majority.

Below is a graph of the system CURRENT season
As you can see by the upward trajectory on the graph above, this Soccer Sports Betting system has been very profitable. By the end of season, it will most likely make a huge profit for everyone who followed it unless it were to suffer a major collapse by trending down-ward which would mean money are being lost. That is probably unlikely at this point since the system has been very stable and still moving upward.

Below is a month by month record on how much money the Soccer Under Trend System made

According to the table above, the system has been going through a down turn for the month of April 2015 by posting a net lost of $1,915. But during the month of March, it generated a profit of $17,515 and $13,055 for the month of February. So overall, if you had been taking this system pick since January, you would still be largely in profit even with the current losing month of April which is not done yet.

ZCode offers a whole host of sports system to follow, but you only need to follow one with a large enough bankroll which would permit you to withstand losing streaks. Do not start taking picks from other systems simultaneously with the same bankroll. If you chose to follow multiple system, each one of them needs its own bankroll size.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

ABC Progression Betting System on MLB

With the start of a brand new successful Major League Baseball season, it is time to talk further about the hidden secrets when it comes to winning on MLB. It really doesn't matter whether you consider yourself a baseball expert or illiterate to its rules, at the end of the day, you could immensely benefit financially by betting on baseball professionally.

Many new-comers would jump straight away at doing "progression betting" on about every single MLB series and eventually get burned in the process. These newbies are all committing the cardinal sin of sports betting by getting too greedy which is exactly what Vegas sports-books have come to expect to make their massive profit.

"Sweeps" does happen and it is when you lose all bets on games during the progression betting process which eventually deplete your bankroll.

This is the main reason why it is very important to understand the negatives in ABC progression on MLB Baseball, specially if it's coming from a sports handicappers that you're following to place bets.

On the other hand, the positives in ABC progressive betting is the undeniable fact that it could be massively profitable if done successfully.

Listen to the podcast posted below for a better in-depth understanding of the rules that is needed to win when betting on MLB. Find out how you could guaranty yourself large profit every season on Baseball betting.

Click on link below to listen to podcast.

=> Episode 1: Secrets of winning MLB ABC system

Monday, April 13, 2015

Find Out Who "MIGHT" Win the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff

The 2015 NHL play-offs has finally arrived and I'm sure there are many of you wondering which team has the better chance of making it all the way to the final. If it's the case, Z-Code NHL playoff simulator offers you the opportunity to simulate all potential playoff match-ups to show you the greatest probability for every single series until a winner is crowned as the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Champion.

The Simulator in itself is free of charge so go ahead and have fun with it, but remember, it should only be used in complement to other sports prediction parameters if your intention is to bet money on NHL playoff games. At the end of the day, the playoff bracket below is simply a probability simulation which is based on 80+ parameters and historical NHL data.

The check out the NHL Playoffs Simulator, CLICK HERE!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


With the NBA regular season winding down and the playoff soon to start, you've probably already started handicapping potential match-ups and who has the better chance of winning the 2015 NBA title. If you need a glimpse into what could be the future, you should get the ZCode Playoff Bracket Predictor.

The Playoff Simulator also covers playoff bracket match-ups for NHL, NCAA Basketball, NFL and MLB. Just click on the sports that you wish to run a simulation and then click "Simulate."

As you can see above, based on current data and dozens of parameters, the simulation is predicting that the Chicago Bulls and the Trail Blazers will eventually make it all the way into the 2015 NBA Finals. It then proceed in predicting the Bulls will defeat the Blazers 4 - 2. This is based on current records and parameters that measures all team strength plus their current records and how they match-up against each other.

According to the simulation, the Bulls will defeat the Bucks, Cavs and the Hawks before reaching the Finals. I'm not sure whether I agree with the Bulls defeating Lebron James and the re-emerging Cleveland Cavaliers, but it's not impossible. Just can't explain why this particular simulation find it so easy for the Bulls to so easily dispatch Cleveland in 5 games.

The closer we get to the playoff, the more accurate the simulator will be since everything is still not set in stone yet, so the Bulls/Cavs result could still change based on how each teams does with their remaining regular season games and seeding positioning. 

The current simulation on the picture above that is predicting the Bulls as NBA Champion may still change, particularly if they were to go on a losing streak or any other negative parameters like injuries to key players.