Sunday, October 30, 2016

NBA Fantasy Line-Up For

The NBA regular season is well underway and with ZCode's Daily Fantasy Sports Predictor, you will have an easier time picking your line-up and will be more likely to eventually wins prizes.

Here's tonight's generated Fantasy sports line-up for all NBA match-ups.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

NFL Underdog betting system 2016


The top rated NFL betting system was "NFL Underdog Trend" created by Arnaud System. The system had a 49.30%  ROI (Return On Investment). Its profit for the last 3 month was $6,140 while betting $100 as 1 unit.

To follow the system after you join the service, simply hover your house under the "Hot Trend" tab and click on " Top performing Betting System." Then select the NFL as your sports and check the boxes where it says "Active Only" and "Most profitable and stable."

Once that is done, you should see the Arnoud System - NFL Underdog Trend, pop up as the top rated system. Simply click on  Arnoud Sytem to be directed to the main page and once there,click on where it says "click to choose which trend to follow" and then un-check all boxes the box next to "NFL Underdog Trend."

That setting basically sets the page up so that you can only see signals that will be generated for the NFL Underdog Trend and these signals will be listed on the page about an hour or two before the games.

Also click on "NFL Underdog Trend" bubble..I circled it in red on the image below.


By scrolling down the page, you will get data and stats on past and previous performance for the NFL Underdog system and how much money was made for different time span.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Top 30 Sport bettors expert 2016

While the service give you access to the best automated sports betting system, you also get access to the sports picks of the hottest human bettors and profit. The difference is that the automated system is generated picks after checking some more than a dozen parameters while the the "top 30 experts" is basically human bettors making their own intelligent calculation and making their bet, Their record win lost record is posted and recorded on their main page.

When signing to the service, just look for the "Hot trend" tab on top of the website and on the scroll menue, click on "Top 30 Expert." you should get the list of the hottest and most profitable human sports handicappers for the month.

Brendan is the #1 ranked handicapper on the service and if you wish to follow his sports pick, simply click where it says "Brendan's NHL, NFL NCAA Bankroll building Investments." You should be re-directed to his forum thread where he post his picks and when to post.

Below is what his sports pick page looks like.

You can click on the image above to enlarge the image and read what's on the page.

His first post was posted on September 12th 2014. This thread has 214 pages, from 2014 to today's current's date. Also, you will notice people replying to his thread asking questions. Those are people who are following his thread and taking his sports pick.

Below is the image of the most recent post with a few followers thanking Brendan for his successful sports picks that they took and profited from.