Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 NFL Preview: NFC North Prediction

Green Bay Packers (12-4)

Green Bay relinquished the division's title to the Vikings last year but it took the very last game of the season to settle this outcome. With a new NFL season just around the corner, the Packers can now be regarded as the team to beat in the division and here's my reasoning:

Aaron Rogers is, no question, an elite Quarterback but last year, we clearly witnessed a drop in his performances from previous years. The main reason for this drop off was the fact that Jordy Nelson torn his ACL during last year preseason and this badly affected Rogers's efficiency. With Nelson return as Rogers's numero-uno target at Wide-receiver, we can pretty much bank on Aaron recapturing his elite performance at QB.

The Packers running game will still not be stellar, but it should be good enough to get the job done, specially with defenses having to worry so much about Rogers/Nelson killing them in the air.

The defense is above average, and finished around the top 10 in points allowed, but I still expect the offense to carry this team a long way. 12-4 is what I predict.

Minnesota Vikings (11-5)

The Minnesota Viking had a really good year in 2015. The main reason behind it was based on major improvement from their Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater who in turn, was supported by All Pro Running-back  Adrian Peterson. These 2 key players will again have to do it all over again for the Vikings to repeat as the NFC North champion and there's no reason why you and I should doubt their ability to repeat.

The help balance out the offense, the Vikings drafted wide receiver Laquon Treadwell out of Mississippi and he should give Bridgewater a big target to aim at whenever he's not handing the ball out to Peterson. I do not expect the Minnesota Viking to suffer too much of a drop of last year record. I see them going 11-5.

Detroit Lions (6-10)

The 2015 season started very badly for the Lions but they were able to turn it around after making a few coaching changes. This, in turn, led to major improvement which allowed Detroit to finished the season strong but at the end of the day, the year was still considered a big disappointment which was enforced by the early retirement of standout and All-Pro receiver, Calvin Johnson, at the age of just 30.

With Johnson gone, Matthew Stafford, who improved as the year progressed, will have to rely on less talented and experienced receiving corps and this could prove too tough for the Quarterback to overcome. Trying to fill's the huge gap left at receiver by Megatron would be Marvin  Jones and Anquan Boldin and I conclude both will not come close to make Lions fan forget about Calvin.

At running back, the Lions will have to rely on Ameer Abdullah who had the thankless task of trying to make something happen running behind an horrible offensive-line that was ranked 26th in run-blocking.

My final conclusion is that we should expect an even tougher year for the Lions this upcoming season, so don't expect any positives surprises. With Calvin Johnson out of the game, Lion will be a worst team for it.  6-10 is what I predict.

Chicago Bears (5-11)

Last year was John Fox's first year as the Bears head coach and it sure didn't look good at all in the beginning when they started with a 2-5 record. Fortunately, thing slowly improved from that point on and I expect Fox to continue to slowly improve Chicago's performance from last year.

Jay Cutler is still a massively intriguing quarterback. On one hand, he has the ability to be a top QB in the league and has surely had plenty of great performances BUT on the other hand, Cutler can also be prone to too mistake, bad coverage readings and plenty of interceptions. This year will surely be Jay's last as a Chicago Bear unless he has a great year to solidify himself as the undisputed franchise quarterback for this team. If not, I think he'll be gone, probably traded elsewhere or release.

My final conclusion on the Chicago Bears is that they will improves slightly but by not much. I'm sure John Fox, with a year under his belt as the Bears head coach, will get them to look better.
I predict a 5-11 record, but if Cutler has a break-out in which he's capable, I could see them ending with an 8-8 record.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016 NFL Preview Prediction: NFC South Prediction

Carolina Panthers (12-3)

With the help of a much improved Cam Newton, The Panthers basically proved last year that they were more than a team stuck in mediocrity playing in a terrible division. 2015 was truly a special for Carolina, where they dominated on both side of the ball like no team has ever done before, but what made it so amazing is the fact they did it without a stand-out receiver.

Potential star wide-out, Kelvin Benjamin, will be back this year, one year after tearing his ACL during his sophomore season and if he develop like everyone expect, he should be the perfect target for Cam Newton.
Benjamin and Newton are both set up for a superb year which could potentially improved the Panthers beyond last year's performance.

The second receiver spot will be a battle between Funchess, Brown and Ginn but from reports out of training camp, Funchess is the favorite to win out because of his size advantage and depending on how fast Benjamin can get back into football shape, Benjamin could possibly become Cam's main target.

Greg Olsen, one of the NFL's premiere tight-ends, will also be part of a great line-up of receivers that Cam Newton should take full advantage of in 2016. On top of that, the aging Jonathan Steward is not showing any sign of slowing down as he was among one of the most productive backs in the NFL.

So while Carolina's balanced offense may prove to even be better than last year, I do expect a bit of a drop-off on defense simply because the NFC division has gotten better on the offensive side of the ball

Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

After starting the 2015 season on fire by winning 5 games in a row to put them at 5-0, the Falcon proceeded by only winning 2 games in the remaining games to eventually finish the year at a disappointing 8-8 record. Considering how well they had started, this was seen as an epic collapse which eventually cost them a playoff birth.

Even with an heart-breaking and disappointing 2015 season, Atlanta will enter the 2016 campaign with an offense that was graded as the fourth best in the NFL and this same exact offense will remain intact, for the most part with key contributors in Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and of course Matt Ryan. New acquisition Mohamed Sanu should help balance-out the lost of long time veteran and dependable receiver Roddy White.

Matt Ryan had a so-so year where he ended up looking very impressive on a strings of games while looking very unimpressive on what felt like too many games. He finished with 21 Touchdown's and 16 interception with an 89 QB ratings which was still the 8th highest amongs Quarterbacks.

While Ryan should take some of the blame for failing to get the Falcons to the playoff, he was also victimized by his receivers who dropped 37 catch-able balls. That was the fourth most dropped passes in the NFL.

As for the Falcons's defense, it greatly improved in compare to previous years where its been a problem and the hiring of head coach Dan Quinn should further solidify the gains made in 2015 and possibly improve it beyond what we saw last year.

I see the Falcon having a good year but they won't be better than the Panthers.

New Orleans Saints (7-9)

The New Orleans Saints, unfortunately for them, had another below-average year where they again missed the playoff by finishing 7-9, the same exact record they finished with, the year before last year. To make it worst, the Saints traded their star tight -end, Jimmy Graham and a fourth round pick to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for 28 year-old center Max Unger and the Seahawks first round draft pick in 2016.

On the other hand, the Saints did what needed to be done by relieving head coach Rob Ryan of his duties since he hadn't done enough to improve the team from the previous year.
Bryan Cook, the third year wide-out who was very impressive during his sophomore year will lead a young receiving corps in 2016 and there's a sense he'll have a break-out season. Cook only dropped 6 passes out of 143 passes thrown his direction over the past 2 years.

Jimmy Graham void at Tight-End will be filled by Cody Feener, coming from Indianapolis Colts. Feener had failed to impress like he was expected to as a Colt but a change of scenery may be what's needed to change his fortune.

My expectation for the Saint is that they won't improved much from last year but they won't drop off in any meaningful ways neither...So I see another 7-9 or 6-10 record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)

Jameis Winston is a key building block for the Buccaneers based on his performance as a rookie Quarterbacks but I still don't expect him to play in a way that would greatly improved his team toward a playoff birth. That will wait for another year or 2, but the future going forward does look brighter than it looked before drafting Winston.

At running backs, aiding Winston, the Bucs will have Doug Martin and Charles Smith who had both productive years and with an improving Jameis, I can see these 2 running backs doing better than last year. 

Rookie Cornerback Vernon Hargreave could be possibly set for an early break-out season based on how he performed during pre-season. He's recorded 2 interception in 2 pre-season games and simply looked like he's always been in the NFL. If he can keep up this type of coverage, expect the Buc's pass-coverage to become a huge strenght that would in turn make it possible for a great year. Maybe playoff appearance.

All and all, I believe it is way too early to expect this young Tampa team to do much this upcoming season but they surely have the right pieces and building block to topple this division in a few years. A lot it will be based on how Jameis Winston continues to develop as a player. I see them finishing 6-10 which is a 1 win improvement from last year record.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ESPORTS Betting Prediction. E-Sports 2016

With the ESports industry growing immensely all over the world, it is now possible to now bet on specific Esports team and earn money by doing it, just like betting on any sports.

You may ask, What is Esports?...Esports is an acronym for Electronic Sports which is basically a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic system, specially video games mediated by human-interfaces. In another word, it is an organized form of multi-player video games competition where you compete against other human player.

The well-known genre associated with Esports are first-person shooters, fighting games and also multiplayer online battle arena.

Some of the few tournaments that consist Esports are League of Legends World Championships, The International, The Battle.Net World Championship and The Intel Extreme Masters.

While these video game style of competitions have long been in existence, what has made them special and new is the viewership and spectatorship of such events which would usually draw large crowd in arenas or stadium wherever an Esports tournament is being conducted.

In the 2000's, competition were for the most part, between amateurs, but the growth in popularity and money has enabled it to now support  a large number of professional players and teams. On top of that, many video games creators have now build features in their games which is design to facilitate E-spors tournament.

You can basically bet on Esports teams and decide which team will win a specific tournament of specific games, just like sports and ZCode offers you a portal so you can bet on such events.

Below is a few of the E-Sports games that will take place on Wednesday 17th of August 2016. The prediction are made on the table...The get full access to the Predictor, just sign up to Zcode, go to the "Bonus Tool" tab at the top, and than click on "Sports Predictor."


Friday, August 12, 2016

Raphael Varane to Manchester United?

With opening week of the English Football league only a few days away, teams are desperately trying to strengthen their squad by buying as many good players as possible to make a strong title chase. One of these teams are no other than Manchester United who is being managed by Jose Mourinho and he will chase anyone that can possibly put his team in strong contention to lift as many trophies as possible.

One of these players Mourinho is chasing is Real Madrid's central back Raphael Varane, who played under the United manager when he managed Madrid a few years ago. The link between Mourinho and Varane has been continuous for a number of years but this year may finally see the move come true because of Mmanchester United large tranfer budget that has already got them Paul Pogba, the Juventus midfielder for a staggering pric of 150M British Pound.

The Premiere League season also brings the possibility to bet on the sports and make yourself a large pile of money by following a verifiable and successful betting system.

Below is a chart of the best performing Soccer/Football betting system. The system generate the sports pick for you and all you have to do is to take them and make money. Not all generated picks are successful but if you follow the system for a full month, you will eventually be profitable.