Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Top performing Sports Handicapping System

Best Way To Cash In On Sports Betting IN 2017

As of March 23rd 2017, the best handicapping system on ZCode during the past 3 months, have been Soccer betting system.  If you want to make some serious cash, you should seriously consider  following one of these system signals to the T and you should make money.

The #1 rated system on the platform is "Soccer Crazy Antivegas" by Konstantonie. It has made $6,989,931 but to make that money, you'd have to post the same exact unit size that is required from the system which could be too large for you. But you'd still be very profitable even if you were to decide not to put up the same large unit size of the system.

How to follow this system:
First, you click on "Konstantinos System" and once you're on his page, just click where it says "Select Trend To Follow" and de-select all trends. Than select the trend you need which is "Soccer Antivegas System." Once that is done, the page is set-up so that once this system generate a signal, you will see it posted on the page.

To check this specific system past performance and stats, scroll down to where it states "Graded Past Result" and look for  the bubble that has written in it "Soccer Crazy Antivegas" and click "on" the bubble. Once that is done, simply scroll down and all the system net profit graph and tables will be posted below.